WeLunch NL – est. 2017


Ambition is ample; the world is dainty. Fast growth takes you into the great unknown. Doubt, pride, stress, sweet euphoria: when on roads less-travelled, not a day goes by that’s the same as the previous. Using a varied (warm) lunch, the best local caterers, and our personal attention and care, we feed innovation in fast-growing, novel businesses.


We are WeLunch. Entrepreneurs. We saw something that hadn’t yet been realized: diverse lunches at the office with warm dishes. Delivered with our utmost personal care, and prepared with the love of the best local caterers. Not a day is the same as the previous.


Innovation is created together, as a team. It demands every player to give their all: people, with each their own unique talent and different perspective. With a personal touch and and an independent opinion. People that stand by during both adversity and champagne.


WeLunch brings people together. That one time a day everyone comes fleeing out of every nook, cranny, and meeting room. One moment to express your appreciation, and to give your people the energy to stay on top of their game. All they have to do in scootch in and enjoy: one less worry to look back on; one more joy to look forward to.


That is how we aim to feed change: with deliciously warm meals, crunchy ‘n fresh salads, and crispy bread. Delivered to the office daily. Different daily. Because no two people are the same. A lunch can make that difference.


WeLunch. Eat well, work better.

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Send us a message and we’ll gladly look into the options (no strings attached) of providing you with a delicious, diverse, and warm lunch.

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