Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a kitchen? Will someone be cooking at our office?

Not at all. Our chefs cook with their team at their own kitchens. We ensure that the meals are at your office by 12:00. We will take the pots and bowls from the previous lunch straight away. Also, if necessary, we can provide a lunchlady t0 help out at your office before and after the lunch!

Can one choose between different dishes on a daily basis (a la carte)?

No. It is a meal that is available for the day. Just like being at home. We believe that the food as well as the experience is closer to our evolutionary nature. Furthermore, this manner enables us to maintain affordable lunches. Every Friday, we provide the following week’s menu.

Can we sign up for an one-off lunch or event with WeLunch?

No, in principle lunch with us is only possible on a regular basis – upwards from one day a week. Although if you are a regular customer of ours, we could also possibly assist with occasional events or dinners.

Are a minimum number of launchers required?

Yes. An amount of 10 colleagues and up are welcome. This would otherwise not prove to be profitable for our kitchens. If you are part of a smaller company but fellow companies in the same building are also enthusiastic about what we offer, then please do give us a try. In many cases we can then link them together to order from the same kitchen and by doing so you could, for example, share the delivery costs (€ 15). Naturally, every company will receive its own delivery slip and invoice.

Is there room for special interpretation or exceptions?

All our kitchens offer an alternative main course that is adapted for religious reasons (halal) or the most common allergies (lactose, gluten etc.). We also have fully organic kitchens as well as kitchens that solely cook vegan meals.

Can we vary the number of launchers from day to day?

Yes, you sure can. We make a note of the standard number of people. Eg. 45 people daily, but 41 on a Wednesday. Can more or fewer people join in for lunch? This can be communicated to us one day in advance before 11:30. By doing so food wastage is prevented and you never have too little lunch.  By using our app, colleagues can confirm their presence or absence themselves!

Do we have a different kitchen every day?

No. We connect you to a kitchen and chef that suits you. In terms of dishes, method of preparation or philosophy. If you ever grow tired of the dishes, we will connect you to a new kitchen. For the same price and immediately. Make a call to your account manager or to the customer service.

What does the contract with WeLunch look like?

There is no contract. It could be arrange, of course, if so desired for legal administrative reasons. You will be asked every week to cancel an order with a three day notice, otherwise the kitchen will run into problems related to purchasing and staff planning. You can also start when you want, with two days notice.

What do the letters (G, L, N) stand for on some of the menus?

Some kitchens mark their menus with the most common allergens. Gluten (G); Lactose (L); Nuts (N). If you are unsure whether a dish contains any allergens, please feel free to contact us. The vegetarian or vegan dishes are always indicated and packaged separately.

Should we wash everything ourselves?

No. This is done by the caterer after collection. Rinsing a bit of food remains and returning the tempex tray is appreciated by our kitchens.

Do you also arrange the necessary items (plates, knives, forks, etc)?

Lunch is always delivered ready-to-eat in comfortable to use bowls and trays. With bread knives, bread boards and spoons for dishing up. For hot dishes and soups you will receive a chafing dish and hotpot from us. You have to take care of the knives, forks, plates and soup bowls yourself. As well as salt and pepper.

Can you also set up / clean up the lunch? (Lunch lady / gentleman)

Yes. We work together with reliable entities, whereby we can completely unburden you with a lunch lady or gentleman. They set the table, set up everything, clean it up and wash it off once done. Of course, other activities with regard to lunch are also possible by consultation. The minimum booking is for 3 hours per day.

With us, employees contribute a part thereof to the lunch costs. What is recommended (tax)?

We recommend that the standard amount of € 3.40 per day be contributed by the employees via their remuneration payments. The part above is entirely tax-free. We have it all under control, for more information please see:

How do the lunches stay warm and / or cold? Are investments expected from us?

It is delivered in special tempex boxes, so that temperature stays constant. In addition, every customer receives a chafing dish & hotpot (soup) from us to keep it warm during lunch.

Let’s do lunch!

Send us a message as we would love look into the possibilities of providing you with delicious, diverse, and warm lunches.

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