Warm and varied lunches at your office

Eat well. Work better.

Different daily



WeLunch serves a variation of warm lunches from the best local caterers. Deliciously warm meals, crunchy ‘n fresh salads, and crispy bread. Different daily. Delivered to your office – all you have to do is take a seat.

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The new bread and butter



Borders are fading. We burn the midnight oil and our international colleagues remind us of how lunch can be done right. And as we all know, what you eat has a great impact on your health and performance.


More and more smart businesses realize that their people deserve better than the ol’ sandwich. Warm and diverse lunches at the office is the new bread and butter. WeLunch aims to feed this change/innovation.

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Lunch to look forward to



We work closely together with you to put together the ideal lunch for your business. Whether you like healthy, vegetarian, want 3 or 5 meals a week, or really want sushi on friday – we will make sure you get the best.


Prepared daily with love by the best local caterers. For a fixed price per month.


One less worry on your mind; one more thing to look forward to. And should you be open to something new, switching caterers is as easy as pie.

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Taste first, decide later



With our 25% discount Trial Week/Lunch. We understand that you don’t want to blindly follow our enthousiasm. That’s why we want to do a trial run: a week of tasting and trying at 25% off. Let us know which week, how many people, and what you like; we will set the table at 12:00 sharp with a delicious, fresh lunch.

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Send us a message and we’ll gladly look into the options (no strings attached) of providing you with a delicious, diverse, and warm lunch.

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